Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Princess Lessons: When the Princess Encounters a Witch

Every princess encounters a witch on her travels.  Witch?  A bit harsh, no?  It does sound so, but this is simply a qualifier for a woman who exhibits certain characteristics that show she is in the state of being that is that of a witch.  Before the princess assumes a very unbecoming air of superiority because she presumes that clearly she is more worthy than this woman in her wretched state, she must remember that it is only through the grace bestowed upon her by the King that her circumstances differ from those of the witch.  The witch is a fallen daughter of the King's and every bit as worthy as her.  The difference is that the witch is not claiming her inheritance - a sad occurrence indeed.

As it is written no one is righteous. - Romans 3:11

For by such grace you have been saved through faith. This does not come from you; it is the gift of God. - Ephesians 28:10

How does a princess survive an encounter with a witch?  Do not get too close.  Trust your gut. Friendship with the witch is impossible.  She has been laid captive by the lies of the Enemy, and a friendship with her provides a perfect opportunity for the Enemy to ensnare you too.  This may be difficult, for the Enemy will do his best to play with your weaknesses through the witch.  There may be an appeal to your sympathies (poor girl, how can I help her?), but most likely the Enemy will use one of his favorite tactics:  jealousy.

Don't you desire her confidence? How she can get the attention of any guy?  
She's actually really nice, and just confused, don't be so intolerant.
Maybe if you becomes friends with her, he'll pay attention to you too.
Maybe the way she views her life and what the King teaches isn't so wrong... and it's not fair that I have to be patient and sweet - when will I get what I want????

(Did you notice how the lies of the Enemy very rapidly went from suggestions to thoughts that flowed from within?)

The witch is principally a witch because she has surrendered in full to Eve's sin, the sin that bespeaks distrust in the Lord.  She no longer puts up a resistance, for she has found that it is more convenient to accept this lie as true.  She lacks patience.  She is a taker. She has always gotten what she wants and has no control over her selfish whims.  Manipulative and controlling, she has used philosophy and rationalization to take matters into her own hands rewrite the King's law in such a way that suits her own convenience.

Claiming to be wise they became fools. - Romans 1:22

No longer does she ponder the beauty of the world for it serves her no purpose - she is strictly utilitarian and beauty is not worth her time. The confidence she exudes may appear to be admired by the world, but Princess, was it ever to be done for the world to begin with?

The one who speaks on his own seeks his own praise. But the one who seeks the praise of him who sent him is genuine, and there’s nothing false in him. - John 7:18

Princess, to survive an encounter with a witch is to survive an encounter with a woman of the world, one who jars the foundation upon which you base your life, because of the happiness and desirability she appears to posses.  It is to look her right in the face and survive the desire to abandon submissiveness to God, as she has - to begin reaching for the apple in order to become a god oneself.

Hold firm in your convictions, Princess, and weather the storm of emotions that you may be facing. Return to beauty and goodness and savor the delight that living joyfully and authentically at the service of others gives you.  Pray for the witch, pray for her to be richly blessed, despite the ill will you may feel towards her.
It won't be easy.  It won't be fun.  But it must be done.

Monday, February 16, 2015

An Unexpected Start to the Princess Lessons: The Princess and the Wounded Knight

There comes a time in the life of every princess when she encounters a wounded knight. A young man whose life circumstances have left his soul wounded.  It is important to note that spiritual wounds are part of the human condition, but this case is special for the princess because the young man has captured the her affections and sympathies in a particular way.  A way she doesn't quite understand, because she has been moved by compassion regarding his condition.  That is to say, her heart has gotten involved to some degree.  In her other relationships, this wouldn't negative at all, for the most part - as women, we have a good desire to nurture and encourage.  This situation differs, however, in that he has also touched a wound within her heart.  He has stirred up something that needs to be healed.

Two broken people. Two deep-seated wounds.  Two potential minefields, each one a trigger for the other. This is where it is important to proceed with caution.

Now, of course, in any circumstance it is the royal duty of every princess, as a Child of the Light, to radiate the love of the king and offer words of encouragement and guidance to friends in need. The key here is to remember that any guidance offered, any thoughts that are shared, and any actions that are taken must be Spirit led.  Her eyes must always be on the King, because if she glances away just once, her own fallen desires will take control.

And with the wounded knight, this advice must be heeded even more.  Must I explain why?

As women we are nurtures that want to feel needed. We're naturally mothers.  Some of us gifted with the spiritual gift of mercy really want to heal.  We are attracted to the wounded.  We literally feel their pain and imagine their potential.  To see them in their suffering hurts because we feel powerless. The wound this knight has exposed brings more dangers, because his presence has caused our wound to resurface.  Pain has emerged on both sides.

Consequently, we find it easier to look away from the King and to distrust in Him.  We don't believe that he cares about him and me and us, because if He did, would we have been abandoned?  We want to take matters into our own hands.  What's worse is this selfless intention, to help, to heal?  It's not that selfless - we end up just wanting to heal them so that they love us, not the King.  When we fall into that trap, it gets dangerous.  A wounded person has control over our heart and life direction, and we cannot succeed then in rightfully loving them.

Here we have fallen into the two basic traps of the Enemy, the Ruler of Darkness.  He has twisted our good desire to care for others and has fed us the lies that a) the King is either not sovereign or that he doesn't care and (on a related note) that b) the King's love does not suffice.

But I can help him, I wanna help him, I care about him...  God, if you want him healed, then why hasn't it happened yet, Lord, why is it that this relationship hurts so much????

Have you not known? Have you not heard? The Lord is the everlasting God, the Creator of the ends of the earth. He does not faint or grow weary; his understanding is unsearchable. - Isaiah 40:28

Oh, Princess, don't you know?  The Lord God is on this.  He has heard your prayers and cries.  He will look down upon your circumstances with compassion.  But He will also allow you to pass through suffering for growth.  He has put the wounded knight in your life for a reason.  This knight is an opportunity for you to heal

So when your mind is filled with thoughts that are fueled by an aching heart, what's a girl to do?  

Go to the King in prayer.  Spend time with Jesus and remember that He is your lone true love.  Talk to the Queen Mother - she'll listen to your girl talk with sympathetic ears.  She's talk to her Son.  
Surrender the pain in your heart.  Surrender control.  Ask the Holy Spirit to come into your wounds.  Pray for your knight and ask the same for him, but remember, Princess, you are NOT to save him - you cannot, for it isn't in your power.  God willing, one day he will have the strength and the decision to rise up above his circumstances (as you are too called to do) and become the man the King desires him to be.  But, DON'T wait around for him.  The world needs your holiness now - and trust that by pursuing the King, you can be a light for the wounded knight.

Ultimately, remember who you serve.  Love all others with His love, and let go of the wounded knight.  Trust in the Lord and wait on Him.