Monday, January 7, 2013

A New Adventure

Hello there and welcome to this little blog of mine. :)  It is a new venture that I am undertaking this year, because I've long been a fan of the blogosphere - I mean, what a great way to communicate ideas and experiences!  While I am someone who often longs for simpler times and loves old time-y things, I must say that this is one of my favorite modern technologies.

So apart from somewhat old time-y and a blog enthusiast, who am I?
Well, firstly I'm Catholic - my faith is the most important thing to me (or at least I try to make it be).  It's a faith that I started to kindle a little over a year ago and, while I don't have "it all figured out" (and never will), it has transformed my life and changed my world view completely.  God is good.
I'm also currently in my second year at college - in fact we like to call ourselves "second years" here instead of the more commonly used term sophomore (hint as to where I go!)
I'm a systems engineering major, French minor.  I enjoy running, cooking, baking, singing, reading, and watching movies - usually of the Golden Age in Hollywood.
I love being outside, traveling, a warm croissant with a chai latte, and the company of dear friends.
Overall, I see life as an adventure full of lessons that teach us about ourselves and about the world around us - an adventure meant to be conquered with the imagination and intellect our Creator has endowed to us, as well as His love, mercy, and grace.

I'm excited to start writing about my experiences being Catholic at a secular university and share the little joys that God has blessed me with!

In Christ,
Joy Marie

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