Sunday, March 3, 2013

A Poem for a Sunday in March

The arrival of March for me is synonymous with the arrival of spring.  The cold of winter is fading, and all sorts of new life are slowly emerging.  I think that during this time, though, we not only perceive new life externally in our surroundings but also internally.  

Yet, as with spring, most changes do not come about suddenly.
Changes, new life, must come about patiently.


Patiently, Thought By Thought

Patiently, thought by thought,
Old habits are untaught.
We watch but cannot see
The seed invisibly
Become the oak or pine
Or warm fall fruiting vine.
We see the stature gained;
We see the growth attained,
But we cannot see things grow
The process is too slow.
Things have a time to root,
A time to flower and fruit
A time to stand and rest
And every time is best.
Waiting is also growth;
Living consists of both
Patiently, thought by thought,
Old habits are untaught,
New ways of life are wrought. 

By James Dillet Freeman.

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